Loyalty Program

  • Every 1 rupee spent earns 1 point. The item cost per order will be considered as points (excluding the delivery and tax components) Not applicable for subscriptions customers
  • 10 points can be redeemed for 1 rupee For eg., If a customer places an order for ₹ 500 he earns 500 points which can be redeemed for another order worth ₹50
  • Minimum points allowed for redemption is 500
  • When a new customer signs-up/registers, he or she automatically get 200 points
  • When a new customer places an order/ completes a first order he or she gets 100 points.
  • Loyalty Points cannot be redeemed against discount offer/campaigns provided by us or with other providers from time to time.
  • Loyalty Points cannot be redeemed for Currency nor is transferable.

Promotional Coupons Codes

From time to time, we will offer promotional coupon codes to registered users, which cannot be combined with other coupons.

Some coupon codes provided will be applicable for both guest checkout and registered customers

Guest Checkouts will also be bound by the terms & conditions in the website