Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is through its website provides food on-demand or online food booking and delivery services within Mysuru City limits. We provide fresh and hygienic cooked meals, Salads and offer Catering services. Our efforts are to provide meals for Lunch or Dinner meals & Salads daily or through a subscription basis or on ad-hoc or one-time offering and the same will be delivered throughout Mysuru City

  • Do you offer breakfast or lunch or dinner?

    We don’t serve breakfast, but we do serve Lunch & Dinner to customers. Along with Veg and Non-Veg Salad, we offer a wide choice menu which consists of both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian.

  • What kind of vegetables do you use in your salads?

    Mostly we use farm fresh or organic vegetables

  • In which cities do you provide service?

    We serve and deliver within Mysuru City & Surrounding Only

  • Do you offer Food Vouchers as a giveaway?

    Yes, we do have Food Vouchers, please contact the

  • What are your pricing options?

    We have different pricing options for Salads and combo meals. For Salads we offer daily & weekly subscriptions and for Combo Meals, we also offer weekly and monthly subscriptions. Along with the product pricing, there is an additional nominal charge of packing & delivery that must be borne by subscribers at Rs. 4/- per kilometre (to and fro) from our kitchen in Yadavagiri. Our aim is to provide you with quality and quantity food at your doorstep and not compromise on both quality and quantity by providing free packaging or delivery.

  • How does the subscription model work?

    For daily subscription combo meals and salads:

    You select the product & pay for the product you want to buy

    We cook it fresh, package it and deliver it to the choice of your delivery address

  • For weekly subscription combo meals and salads:

    You select the subscription whether weekly or monthly & pay for the same and once we receive your confirmation, we will request you to choose the number of products depending on your subscription. If the subscription opted for Weekly Veg Salads i.e., for 6 days, then you will be allowed to choose six salads from our menu, while choosing, you will be requested to mention the date and time of delivery also.

    We cook/prepare it fresh, package it and deliver it to your delivery address with your choice and selected date and time

  • Can I get my salads/meals on Sunday too?

    Yes, if you have opted for the monthly plan, or you have selected Sunday as your delivery date then you will get your Salad/meal on Sundays also.

  • What kind of food can I expect?

    We serve a typical home-style meal. Depending on the menu/item you select in your subscription or your order, you will be provided accordingly.

  • Can I share the meal delivered with another person?

    Our food portioning in each of the meal plans is adequate for a single person, if you need to share then it would be your choice.

  • Do you take up catering? And what is the pricing for the same?

    Yes, we do undertake catering for both Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarian. Our catering menu is the most flexible and allows you to select the choice of dishes Call us on 9620900000 for our menu & pricing

  • What are your customer service hours?

    Our customer service operates from 10.30 am to 10.30 pm daily on all days throughout the week.

  • Do you charge for shipping and packaging?

    Yes, we do charge Rs. 4/- per km for all our deliveries, i.e…, to and fro from Yadavagiri (Kitchen). Say for example, if you reside near the Vijayanagar Water tank Bus stop. The shortest distance to your location would be 3.8 kms from our kitchen. Then the back & forth distance would be 7.6, after rounding off to the nearest decimal, we consider the total distance as 8 kms and would charge you Rs. 4/- x 8 Kms for delivery cost would be Rs.32/- and no packaging cost will be charged.

  • Can I change an existing order/subscription? Can I cancel the existing order?

    You can change an existing order by calling us or by writing an email to customer care with your subscription details if it has not gone out for delivery. Cancellation of an existing order is not possible.

  • Is there a minimum order quantity or amount?

    No, there is no minimum order quantity or amount with us, we always have believed in satisfying the need.

  • Who and how is my package delivered?

    Our delivery team personally delivers the meal to you at your doorstep in containers which are food-safe, food-grade and recyclable.

  • What if I need to change the place of delivery instead of the prevailing address?

    As we said, we believe in satisfying your needs, and we will be happy to deliver to your new address, provided it is within the same distance of the prevailing address of delivery in terms of kilometres. If it exceeds then we will charge you the additional kilometre at Rs. 4/- per kilometre for the excess km. However, this can be done on a one-off basis but not daily.

  • Is there any time limit to open the food container?

    We do not recommend you keep the box unopened or unattended for more than 1 hour after receiving the delivery.

  • Do you accept last-minute same-day meal delivery?

    Yes, we do accept same-day meal delivery. The cut-off time to order the same will be 10.00 am and 4.00 pm, the same day for lunch and dinner delivery respectively. Beyond the cut-off time, you could still try calling us, we will surely try and accommodate your request.

  • What are your delivery timings?

    We deliver every day of the week. Our deliveries are made daily between 12.00 pm and 10.15 pm, Subscribers for lunch and dinner will get deliveries between 12 noon to 2.00 pm for lunch and between 8.00 pm to 10.15 pm for dinner.